DMG MORI invests in a high-tech production plant in Russia for Russia

2015. október 02., péntek, 19:39

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With the Grand Opening of the factory DMG MORI Ulyanovsk Machine Tools from September 29 to October 2, DMG MORI is celebrating its localized production “made in Russia”. Size, facilities and customer orientation set new standards for the Russian machine tool market.

On September 29, DMG MORI officially opened its Russian facilities in Ulyanovsk. Including a plant and a technology centre, DMG MORI Ulyanovsk Machine Tools focusses especially on the demands of the local market in Russia: short delivery times, payment in roubles, low transport costs, no custom duties and local technology support are the main benefits to Russian customers. Visitors of the Grand Opening get an impression of the local ECOLINE production and have the opportunity to see 14 machine tools from the DMG MORI portfolio live in operation including five of the latest models equipped with CELOS®. DMG MORI completes the program with daily guided factory tours, workshops and technical seminars about ECOLINE, CELOS®, aerospace, automotive and additive manufacturing.

DMG MORI Ulyanovsk Machine Tools – local facilities with benefits for Russian customers

With a land area of 330,000 m², a building area of 21,000 m² and a production area of 3,300 m², Ulyanovsk Machine Tools ranks as the most modern and efficient production plant within the global DMG MORI network. This latest plant from the DMG MORI group stands for the highly efficient production of machine tools from the ECOLINE product portfolio.

The CTX ecoline CNC universal turning machines, the DMU ecoline CNC universal milling machine and DMC V ecoline vertical machining centres have been built already since 2014 in a rental assembly in Ulnanotech Centre. With the new plant, DMG MORI is having a capacity of 200 employees and an own mechanical production with a maximum of approx. 22,500 production hours. Customers profit from the financial and logistical benefits, but also from shorter service response times and an application department on site.

DMG MORI further underscores the modern orientation of Ulyanovsk Machine Tools by giving it a dedicated technology centre with 640 m2 in which up to 14 machines will be permanently on show and live in operation. In addition, employees in the department are working on turnkey solutions for aerospace, automotive and medical applications among others. The technology centre also provides space for supporting the further development of the machines and training customers in the fields of programming and machine operation. Additionally, there is strong cooperation with local universities. Having its own Energy Solutions Park also means that Ulyanovsk Machine Tools OOO covers up to 15% of its energy demand through own energy generation saving 108 t CO2 per year.

ECOLINE – sophisticated machining in the entry-level class with the highest functionality at the best price

The ECOLINE machine tools from DMG MORI is a long-time proven product range that gives users the opportunity of machining complex applications with machine tools in the entry-level class. Produced at Ulyanovsk Machine Tools, DMG MORI offers the ECOLINE portfolio of the CTX 310 ecoline, the DMU 50 ecoline and both the DMC 635 V ecoline and DMC 1035 V ecoline providing optimal solutions for individual customer demands. ECOLINE stands for DMG MORI first quality and technology without any compromises but at the best price. The perfect 3D control technology for unique programming and simulation with Siemens 840D solutionline that is suitable for every application is to bring the productivity into the next level.

In the production of ECOLINE machine tools at Ulyanovsk Machine Tools, DMG MORI sees local suppliers as a crucial success factor. As for now, the production site is already relying on local suppliers for metal sheets, casts, chip conveyors, electrics and other manufacturing parts. A supply centre for pre- and final assembly, packing, storage and product tests allows fast replacement and responsiveness and optimized processes. In the next two years, DMG MORI will extend this local supply to the linear system, cooling, lubricants and hydraulics, as well as pneumatics, the assembly of spindles and the tool system.

The Russian stars of the in-house exhibition during the grand opening are the machines of the ECOLINE series from DMG MORI, of course. These include the universal turning machine CTX 310 ecoline, CTX 450 ecoline, and CTX 510 ecoline as well as the universal milling machines DMU 50 ecoline and the vertical machining centres DMC 635 V ecoline and DMC 1035 V ecoline. The compact machining centre MILLTAP 700 including WH3 robot automation completes this broad portfolio.

Further on display are the turn & mill complete machining centre CTX beta 800 TC, the automatic lathe SPRINT 20|5, the universal 5-axis machines DMU 50,  DMU 65 monoBLOCK®, DMU 80 P duoBLOCK® as well as the high-precision ULTRASONIC 30 linear and the horizontal machining centre NHX 4000 2nd Generation. The showroom portfolio is completed by the MICROSET tool presetting system UNO 20|40.

CELOS® – from the idea to the finished product

CELOS® is the new user interface of the control is as easy and intuitive to use as a smartphone. On a unique 21.5” multi-touch display, 16 CELOS® APPs provide the user with integrated and digitised management, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data. Moreover, the CELOS® PC version enables users to plan and control their production and machining processes already during work preparation.

CELOS® connects the machine with superordinate corporate structures in a unique way and creates the basis for a consistent paperless manufacturing. Additionally, it accelerates the way from the idea to the finished product by direct coupling of ERP / PPS and PDM. With CELOS®, DMG MORI sets standards and gives the answer to industry 4.0.

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