One measuring fixture for all vehicle doors

2020. július 22., szerda, 21:19

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Jack of all trades

With the multi-door fixture from topometric GmbH (Germany) model-specific individual door fixtures are no longer needed. With only one single fixture, all doors for different vehicle models can be accommodated – both inner and outer panels and complete door assemblies. Just the support and contact points have to be adapted. Inner and outer of the doors can be measured in one clamping process.

In each case, a door set can be measured on the multi-door fixture. The polyamide plastic contact points avoid damage to sensitive parts. (Photograph: topometric)

The multi-door fixture saves costs and storage space. Since there is no time for loading and unloading of the fixtures, the measuring machine’s capacities can be used up to 50 percent better. Measuring technicians are less tied to manual workpiece exchanges and can increase significantly the throughput of the expensive measuring device.

(Photograph: topometric)


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