Outstanding positioning modules from HIWIN

Maximum performance and award-winning design

2016. március 16., szerda, 18:23

Címkék: HIWIN HM-B HM-S positioning

HIWIN provides a new generation of toothed belt axes (HM-B) and spindle axes (HM-S). Their characteristics: Extremely high manufacturing quality, performance density and precision, combined with a successful design, which has already won the prestigious iF Design Award.

The compact linear axes align payloads both vertically and horizontally to the exact millimetre, with precision and outstanding repeat accuracy. The HIWIN developers are aware what positioning modules have to do in terms of speed and accuracy. For this reason, the new linear axes have been built in-house using well-tried components. This guarantees optimum component coordination, which maximises performance density and mechanical stability. This also makes both series deliverable within two weeks as standard – ready for connection!

High performance density, pioneering design: The new positioning modules HM-B (with toothed belt drive) and HM-S (with ballscrew) 

As a competent partner for machinery and systems builders, we think in an extremely user-friendly way at HIWIN. With just a few clicks, any design engineer can configure the required axis online without having to register (www.hiwin.de/de/CAD_Konfigurator.html) and then download the CAD data.


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