How do you modernise your operations?

2022. november 16., szerda, 13:37

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Drive efficiencies by optimising data exchange and delivering real-time actionable insights. Discover Intelligent Manufacturing solutions from Brady!

Like nearly everything in today’s world, manufacturing operations are going through a radical transformation. By implementing modern methods of identification —such as advanced barcoding & labelling technologies, RFID, machine connectivity, and business system integration – organisations are now unlocking a level of visibility into their operations that has only recently become possible.

So what is the visibility you need to revolutionise your operations:

  • Real-time information – know what’s happening when it’s happening—and why
  • Operational flexibility – adjust quickly to changing production needs
  • Seamless productivity – manage assets and inventory holistically and scale on demand
  • Customised solutions – easily customise data exchanges and workflows

Real-time information and insights to optimise any production facility

When it comes to efficiency, productivity and cost savings, real time is the real deal. Brady’s Intelligent Manufacturing solutions connect all your manufacturing assets for real-time production management, advanced data analytics and unmatched business insights.

  • ‘Smart factory’ notifications of inventory or raw material overages or underages
  • Production throughput visibility (dashboard-style view of work-in-progress manufacturing)
  • Tie in input from existing equipment and business systems solutions

Manufacturers trust Brady’s products and software to help them eliminate defects, verify assembly, automate production processes, track parts and more. Our Intelligent Manufacturing ecosystem enables you to connect your Brady products for end-to-end visibility and flexibility.

What could RFID mean for your business?

How to optimally leverage its power?

Which efficiency gains does this technology have in store?

Build your smart factory today with Brady. Get started now!


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